STEEL TRADE CO. is an active trading site in the metal and steel industries, our main products are Steel Rebars, Wire Rods, Billet and Manganese Alloys. At STC we believe in collaboration, which is why our network is so important to us. Accordingly, we focus on identifying the best partners to connect the world.

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Metal is a great gift of creation and during history, humans learned how to melt it,forge it and make it to tools for their lives and they have improved it day by day.After lots of experience of producing, marketing and selling in the metal industry we decided to establish this company to connect the bests.

Our mission:

is to connect the world markets to the best of each other and improve steel industry in the world.

Our vision:

is to become one of the biggest steel trade companies in Eurasia and Africa.

Our team:

with several years of experience in the steel industry and the relationship with the major steel manufacturers ill guarantee the best quality at an affordable price in the global market and strive to gain more market share.